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Yoga is the journey of the self – through the self to the self
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Welcome to the Yoga House, a home of ‘Dru Yoga’ and personal wellbeing.

Dru Yoga is a beautiful, flowing form of yoga for all abilities and ages. It helps to relax, unwind and stretch out your body. It also revives tired muscles, reduces back pain and combats stress. Dru Yoga gives your body a much-needed rest from all the ‘doing.’ In particular, it gives your mind a chance to stop, relax and find a quiet, still point in your busy world.


Yoga involves so much more than physical poses, practiced on a yoga mat. Yoga is a way of living the very best life you can. It is learning to accept your body, who you are and the situation you are in. But most importantly, it is learning to be kind to - and love - yourself.


Caring for your wellbeing has to come from within. You need to let go of expectations and embrace the present moment. Yoga gives you the tools to do this.


I would love to help you make Dru Yoga part of your life and show you how it can successfully carry you through life’s ups and downs.


My Journey

I’m a mum to two gorgeous girls , Grace and Eve and married to my husband and best friend, David.  As well as being a Dru Yoga teacher, I run a small soft furnishing business, Pins & Ribbons


Growing up, I was immersed in my Mum’s love of yoga. Mum had such a calm and fun-loving personality; always happy and always smiling. She was my first yoga teacher and the inspiration I now have to help others, through my teaching.


A Reiki session can be in your own home or you can book a treatment at The Yoga House.


You will be invited to lie comfortably on a warm therapy bed fully clothed. A Reiki session usually lasts for one hour. Reiki treatments can run throughout the working day or on an evening. Please use the contact form to book your session.


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You cant always control what goes on outside but you can always control what goes on inside
What my Students say...

"Kerrie taught my yoga classes whilst I was abroad for a few months I was lucky enough to attend one. she was well prepared, knowledgeable and engaging. My class formed a strong bond with her. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a yoga teacher."

 Kath - 2017


The Yoga House

I’m a big dreamer, always have been and always will be!  A few years ago, along with my husband, I started dreaming about creating a place where I could combine my love of yoga, meditation and relaxation, with Reiki and well-being.


Kerrie Murray




The Yoga House Yarm - 7 Albert Road, Eaglescliffe Cleveland TS160DA

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